June 2016

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“World Domination II; a Swift Takeover”
June 12, 2016
In 2012 during “World Domination; the Day of the Swift,
we had 101 Swift’s fly in 4 different countries, 32 were in the air at
the exact same time and 136.2 hours of flying time were
logged on that single day.

The 2016 World Domination event could very well include twice
as many countries and upwards of 150 airplanes. June 12th was
selected because that is the scheduled departure day of the
National Swift Fly-In in Athens, TN.

We will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of The Swift and
are expecting at least 70 Swifts.
Documentation of your participation is also very simple.
Whither you fly as a group or as an individual,
just send Perry some basic information.

1. Name(s) of who flew.

2. "N" number of plane (s) flown.

3. Time of day flown. (UTC/GMT to see how many were
in the air at the exact same time)

4. Length of flight.

5. Anything about this flight that made it unique over
any other flight.

6. If a formation flight, how many were in the flight.

The purpose of this event is to see just how many Swifts we can
have in the skies around the world on the very same day. And
maybe, be able to calculate just how many were in the air at the
exact time of that day. For the second time in history, there is an opportunity for total participation with the entire Swift fleet.

Email Perry with your flight information for
"World Domination; a Swift Takeover" to


Please write World Domination in the subject line of your email.


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