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Remembering early Swift pilot and Dealer

Carl Backus
Carl placed his order with Globe for a GC-1A on September 17, 1945. His first flights in a Swift were recorded in his log book as a series of three flights on July 28, 1946.

Pictured above is Carl standing in front of N80877 with two of his son's Bobbie and Dickie in the plane. This was taken the summer of 1946 at Cable Claremont Airport, Upland, CA.

In January 1947 Carl traveled to Fort Worth where he picked up N3784K and flew it back to CA. Unfortunately, July 14, 1947 Carl was fatally injured in an accident in that same Swift.

Below is a picture that was posted maybe around 2005 of what was said to be N3784K and the sad end. Does anyone have more information on this plane or maybe, who had the plane on the trailer; and what happen to it after that? Please email me with any information that might help locate this Swift Brad@SaginawWings.com


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