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All Swifters own a heartfelt thanks to Pete King.
Pete donated his original GC-1A restoration
to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. Pete says...

"The deed is finally done! Last night after closing at the Hazy Center (museum at Dulles Airport), Bob McLean and his team hung NC80518 over the nose of the Concorde for all to enjoy. My four sons were all there with me. Each of them had flown with my in this Swift. Must admit, I felt like a mother watching her child go off for his first day of kindergarten. I brought the plane home in pieces on the back of a pickup truck in 1976. I flew it in 1982, 25 years ago this month. Scott Woods had done a polish job on the Swift that would make Joe Ranson envious. IT IS GORGEOUS!!!

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"The location of the Swift is next to the big spiral staircase which is next to the Concorde. The stairs are located behind the Swift which allows the plane to be seen from several very different vantage points (perspectives). The Swift is hung in a climbing left hand turn. Its about 30 degrees nose up & 30 degrees left bank. You can walk under the plane and see your reflection. At each of the three levels of the staircase, you get a different angle and can see everything including a view of the cockpit. The staircase ends at the observation level of the museum. With just a few steps, you are standing beside the Swift again watching it climb up to you & again looking into the cockpit. Damn it looks good! 

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Caretaker Pete King (above at right) was there to see his pride and joy placed on display.

"It really was a special event for me to be there while 518 was being hung. If others get as much enjoyment from seeing it as I got last night, it will be well worth the trip. Cannot say enough nice things about Bob McLean and all the staff at the museum. That have done a terrific job with this installation from the day they got the airplane until now. That all take a lot of pride in what they do and it shows.  Regards, Pete"

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