Westover 2011

Photo's and story provided by
Don Thomson


We had 34 Swifts over the four days for the 26th annual Westover event. We had 69 at the BBQ on Friday and 55 at the Banquet on Saturday! Great food and settings. Carol Hampton provided all the extras, including 9 home-made cakes that were outstanding!

Special events included a formation class with nine new students; 8 flights that included Nate Andrews being certified for two-man formation; 5 instructors—Gerry Mahoney, John Northey, Bill Shepherd, and Paul & Sandy Mercandetti did the honors with the formation flights and John and Gerry did the instructing for the ground school.

We had a fly-out to Pine Mountain Lake with 12 Swifts present including our host Randy Barber who is based there. 4 Swifters, John Northey-lead, Bill Shepherd-2, Gerry Mahoney-3, and Gerry Hampton-4,
participated in PML’s Airport Day with a 4 plane Demonstration. They looked a lot better than the Beech Boys, and West Coast Raven RV flights.
Several others flew to Schellville airport in Napa for a great lunch at the Schellville Grill. I led that group.

At the banquet on Saturday night, we auctioned off a hand-made quilt, created by the mother of Swifter Janet Dickers. The proceeds went to the Westover fund... A bidding war between Dot Shepherd and Ron Williamson ended at $475.... Dot won!!! Then, in one of the classiest moves I've seen, Dot presented the quilt to Carol Hampton (she really was admiring it, but couldn't really bid on it)... Dot made the gift with other contributors, Wittmans and Jared Smith, sort of double-credited Carol & Gerry....
Nice move, all!!!

Carol made several nice gift baskets and Paul Ross donated some
custom rudder pedals for the auction.

Larry Rengstorff and Curt Von Salzen judged the airplanes.

The following awards were given out:

Longest traveled: Bill Whelchel from Costa Rica
Best Paint: Nate Andrews, N3783K, Graham, WA
Best Polish: Karl & Donna Johanson, N78103, San Diego, CA
Best Original: Denis Arbeau, N3307K, Napa, CA
Best Custom: Paul Ross, N3890K, Lakeside, CA
Viewers Choice: Kyle Hook, N90383, Portland, OR
Bud Knox Grand Champion:
Scott & Sandy Naumann, N817CC, Arroyo Grande, CA

Karl Johanson also provided several DVDs with photos that played throughout the evening at the banquet. Included were photos from past Westovers, and even some for the weekend....