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Last Updated April 28, 2017

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1946 Globe GC-1B Swift, N80986 - sn 1179
This beauty has been improved, upgraded & has a 3/2017 annual! 2505 TTAF, Continental O-300-A (145HP)
481 SMOH and 361 STOH. Prop 345 SNEW. NARCO 12D nav/com w/CDI for VOR/LOC, King KT76 txp w/encoder, Sigtronics 400 Intercom, upgraded panel, 2 panel-mounted PTT, Cylinder Temp Gauge, Alcor EGT, Manifold gauge, mechanical clock, mechanical flight timer, Cessna 150 seats, 1-pc windshield, shoulder harnesses, Cleveland brakes, Scott tailwheel, cargo net, wingtip strobes, new ELT, new Concord RG35A main battery & MORE! All logs, numerous maintenance manuals. Last pitot/static/txp check 1/2017.
$31,500 For more information visit our website at
Contact David B. Miller at 719-650-8667 or
April 2017)

1946 Globe GC-1B Swift, N80589 - sn 92
200HP CS PROP 150MPH 9GPH IFR SUPER SWIFT!! KX155 with 209 G/S, 89B Panel Mount IFR Cert GPS Transponder and TKM 2nd Radio. Has gross weight increase and 36 gal of fuel. Owned for 20 years in
Excellent Shape! Reason for selling--we are in our mid 70-ies and it is just time to pass this Hot Rod on
to a new care taker. $44,900 with some wiggle room. Located North Uxbridge, MA
Contact: David Turner (508) 498-1776 or
April 2016)

1946 Globe GC-1B Swift, N90333 - sn 347
Aircraft TT 1595hrs. Lycoming IO-360-A1A 200hp 440hrs SMOH, Hartzell prop 30hrs TT.
Airplane has sticks, Cessna 150 seats, Alturair wing tips, electric fuel pump, Heavy duty windshield,
Cleveland wheels and brakes, Gross weight increase to 1970lbs, Garmin 296. Airplane is in the shop now
for annual and has a recent rebuilt hydraulics pump and landing gear retract system.
$42,000.00 or best offer.
Contact: Bill Rogers (206) 669-8734 or email
(March 2017)

1946 Temco GC-1B Swift, N78274 - sn 2274
Owned five years and over $100,000 invested. 2150 TT and 315 SMOH Low time Lycoming 180HP engine w/Mac CS prop, new cowl, new interior, EI engine analyzer, recent panel work; OH'd DG, AI, 3-in-1 gauge,
ASI (silk screened w/speed arcs). King KLX135a GPS/comm, Narco transp (mode C), two 4.5 gal aux
belly tanks (total fuel 35+ gal), elec trim, GW increase kit, big hyd pump motor, and gobs of small
improvements, replacements, fixes that are too numerous to recall offhand (such as rebuilt and
zinc chromated horiz stab). $50,000.

Contact: Paul Anderson (614) 263-2823 or email

(Nov 2016)(Feb 2017)(April 2017)

1946 Swift GC-1B, N78071 - sn 2071
Very nice Swift TTAF 1715, Continental O-300D, SMOH 206 McCauley Prop - TT 206
KX125 NAV/COM, Two-place intercom, GTX320-A transponder, Encoding alt., AK 450 ELT, Electric Trim,
Flat-baggage deck, Gull wing canopy, Shoulder harness, Cleveland wheels & brakes, Improved hyd
gear motor, Original wing-tips, Strobe light, and Piper pitot blade. Hangared. Flown regularly
Annual: Oct / Nov time frame and can be done for new buyer. Located Enterprise, AL (KEDN)
Asking $32,000 Contact: Roland Tanner (334) 447-6201 or (334) 894-0678 or email
(Sept 2016)

1947 Globe Swift GC-1B, N78244 sn 2244
180 HP. Airframe: 2288 hrs, Eng.: 1068. 16 hrs for eng., prop, & mags SMOH. New engine mount and
JPI-700 analyzer. New seals and bushings in landing gear. P-51 doors. New Concord RG 35 battery.
Scott tail wheel. Cessna 150 seats. Tip strobes. 9 gal. aux tank, and gross weight increase. Garmin 296.
All logs and records back to 1947. Dec. 2015 annual. Always hangared for my 11 years ownership and before.
A great buy @ $56,000. I've got a lot more than that in it!
Contact: Bob Carver (714) 420-0616 or email
(Jan 2016)

1948 Temco Swift GC-1B, N2301B sn 3601
Well-maintained Swift that is currently located in Provo, Utah
with 3,672 hours
AFTT is considered average for Swifts which were built from 1946-1950.
The paint and interior are upgraded from original in and are in good condition.
Modified with individual Cessna 150 seats, a larger engine, constant speed propeller,
increased gross weight, auxiliary fuel tank, control sticks and fiberglass wing tips
(original Wing Tips included) and cowling as well as numerous other modifications
documented. Click here for Spec Sheet.

The airplane needs the prop inspection AD (or replacement) to finish the annual.
$35,500 Contact: Clyde Fredrickson (385) 985-4488 or email
(March 2015)

1950 Temco Swift GC-1B, N817CC sn3741
2,278 Hours TTAF Airframe:
Polished with Red Trim; Underside Surfaces Painted Silver
Original Hatch and Classic Swift Smile Cowl Wingtip Strobes, Plus LED Landing Lights in both wings,
Cleveland Wheels and Brakes, P-51 Style Gear Doors, New Aero Classic Tires, Cessna 150 Seats
with New Foam Padding, New Carpets, Side Panels and Hat Shelf Cover in 2006, New Seat Belts and
Shoulder Harnesses, Elevator Trim Wheel Between Seats, Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pump Motor.
Engine and Fuel System:
835 Hours SMOH on Continental O-300-A converted to downdraft cooling, 51 Gal Fuel: 26 Main
plus 12.5 in each Outer Wing, Cessna 170 Oil Cooler with Adjustable Oil Cooler Air Inlet, Remote
oil filter on the firewall, Steve’s Aircraft Gascolator, Reiff Engine Preheater, Electric Boost Pump.
Garmin 430 WAAS GPS/Nav-Com, Garmin GDL-88 ADS-B (In and Out for Traffic and Weather),
King KY 97A Com Radio, King KT-76 Transponder, PS Engineering PMA 4000 Intercom, JPI EDM-700
Engine Monitor, JPI FS-450 Fuel Totalizer, ACK E-04 406 MHz ELT with GPS interface, Garmin 496 Portable
GPS with mounting bracket and power supply, Monroy AT-300 Supplemental Traffic Monitor.
Second hatch with Skylights, Canopy cover from Bruce’s Custom Covers, Flannel wing and fuselage
covers, Wing Jacks, Cyclo Polisher.
$80,000 Contact Scott Naumann (805) 549-0817 or
(Sept 2014)

For Sale:
Stock Tips in excellent condition.  Some slight blemishes that can be worked out, but over all in great shape. Asking $3600.00.
Contact: Doug Schuster (909) 660-2748 or email

For Sale:
Rebuilt 24 volt Dukes Fuel Pump.  Certified 8130-3 by Aeromotors
P/N# 4140-00-15
No time on this pump since 6-15 rebuild. $800.00  
Contact: Doug Schuster (909) 660-2748 or email

For Sale:
Asking $4000.00 OR OBO Contact: George Panker (360) 681-0626 or email

For Sale:
Disassembling a 210 HP Continental Swift (Engine SOLD) Have many great parts.
If you are rebuilding or sprucing up your Swift and need parts.
Contact: Ernie Hansen ( 360) 808-1858 or email

Here are some good, low time items.

REBUILT POLISHED WINGS   These wings were disassembled, cleaned, epoxy primed and reassembled. Underside, aft part of wings painted, otherwise polished. Merlyn aux tanks, Merlyn gross wt., Stock wing tips, Aeroflash strobes/position lights and Phillips HD landing lights (small, like RV’s). All paperwork (STC’s) included. Very nice wings, ready to bolt on!! Asking $12,000

GAMI Injectors (291.18 hrs.) GAMI will flow check and provide
New STC for $299—these injectors sell for $899 Asking $300
Slick Magnetos L&R 6314 incl. harnesses (388.88 hrs.) Asking $1,300
Complete Exhaust System Asking $1,000
Cessna 150 Seats. Gray leather by Oregon Aero (388.88 hrs.) Asking $1,400
Cessna 150 Seat Rails (McFarlane, 388.88hrs.) Asking $100
Tailwheel Assembly: A Frame and Scott 2200 Tailwheel Asking $1,500
Complete Tail. Vertical Stabilizer is rebuilt with beef-up. Call if interested
(April 2016)

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