Swift Checklist

By Sam Swift, CFI

Swift CFI Sam Swift, (Yep, that's his real name, and that's his Swift above...), has offered to share with Swifters the checklists he prepares for the Swift owners he works with. Currently, Sam has checklists available for the following engines in Swifts...

125hp Cont  145hp Cont  150hp Lyc  160hp Lyc
180hp Lyc  200hp Lyc  210hp Cont

(...more to be added...)

To help customize the checklist to your Swift Sam also needs to know the aircraft particulars such as prop (fixed or CS), carb or fuel injected (in the case of the 160hp Lyc for example), what type of aux tanks (if any) the Swift has (Temco 9 Gal, Merlyn aux, etc.), canopy type is nice to know but not critical, if you still have wobble pump or electric pump, avionics master, strobes, etc..  Anything that might be nice to have on the checklist. Also, there is a separate page for EMERGENCY procedures included with the checklist.

Sam is constantly evolving items as he works to improve on the looks, contents and colors. Sam says... "As always, refer to your POH for ALL operational information, and use this checklist strictly as a secondary reference to what was supplied by Globe/Temco.  Anyone who gets one, will automatically get an updated one whenever I make improvements."

It's good to have a professional and dedicated instructor like Sam 
helping to make sure pilots are checked out safely in the Swift.

There is not enough space on this website to store all the checklists Sam can offer. We have included a sample checklist so you can review the format and see if it is to your liking. 
To "order" a checklist or if you have any questions contact Sam.

  R. Sam Swift
972 Beech Bend Drive
Nashville, TN 37221
home 615.646.1150
cell 615.604.8557

Ferry services and checkout services on all Swifts

This website is pleased to provide space for Sam Swift to promote his checklists.
Sam Swift takes sole responsibility for the accuracy, content, and usability of his checklists
The checklists do not necessarily reflect the opinion of other Swift pilots, 
instructors, or the editor of this website.

Sample Checklist
These are photos that Sam sent in of an actual checklist. 
It may take awhile to download for those of you with slower connections.