There were approximately 20 Swifts that made the trip to Oshkosh this year. We were very well taken care of by the EAA Vintage Aircraft Group. We had two rows dedicated to the Swift. Here are some pictures taken by Stan Price while he enjoyed his trip to Oshkosh.
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Swift Parking at Oshkosh

Stan Price

Alan & Janet Dicker



Marvin Homsley

Larry Meyers

Steve & Barb Wilson

Charlie Nelson

Scott Naumann

Marvin Homsley

Ricky Anderson

Mark Holliday

Dan Cammack


Drew Sequin

Jerry Adams - Former Owner

Fern Villeneuve

Terry Straker

John Renwick

Julian Allen

Steve Wilson

Barb Wilson

Mark Holliday

John & Tom - Omaha Group

Duane Golding "The Tin Man"

Jon Breese

Special Recognition!

Custom Class C (151 hp - 235 hp)
"Best Custom"
Marvin Homsley - Maumee Ohio
1946 Globe GC-1B N61PK

Classic Awards Sept 1945 - 1955
"Outstanding Swift"
John Renwick - Minneapolis Minnesota
1950 Temco GC-1B N2431B