Classic Swift Photos

from the
William T. Larkins Collection
Photos courtesy of William T. Larkins


Globe GC-1A Swift N80731, Concord, CA, December 11, 1948
(Current status unknown.)


Globe GC-1B Swift  N3321K, San Jose, CA, October 1947
(Currently owned by Texas Swifter Ray Mort)

Globe GC-1A Swift N80707, Rosemead, CA, May 21, 1946
(Currently owned by Florida Swifter George Moench and powered by a 210hp Continental IO-360)

Globe GC-1A Swift N80820, Oakland, CA, December, 1955
(Restored in the early 1980's by the late Bill Foschaar, '820 is currently owned by California Swifter 
Tom Palmer and powered by a 150hp Lycoming O-320)

Globe GC-1B Swift N80972, Concord, CA, June 8, 1952
(Currently owned by Washington Swifter  Joseph Freudenberg)

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