November 2009
Featuring N80939

Swift N80939 serial number 1132 Original black & white photograph
after an unusual nose gear conversion
This is an orginial black and white photograph taken after an unusual nose gear
conversion. This Swift came off the assembly line as N80939 with serial
number 1132. At some point it was exported to South Africa and was registered
under ZS-BKU, ZS-DXB and ZS-FZH. This photograph shows the plane apparently
after several owners. If you have information regarding this plane and it's current
state, please send information to the web site.

Yep... Somebody really did make a tricycle gear Swift. Virginia Swifter Steve Roth
had the honor of sending this in via email and writes...

"My friend in the UK sent me the attached photo.  I have seen other photos but this 
has quite a bit of detail.  I think this Swift has been restored back to tailwheel."

Steve's "friend in the UK" is Nigel Hitchman. Nigel wrote...
"Most horrible looking Swift ever!"

Taken at Wonderboom, Pretoria South Africa in 1993.

Wow... I truly hope the airplane was indeed returned to original configuration.
Then again, you'd have to think the insurance rates might be lower?