January 2010
Featuring N80852

Pictureed here Garland Sims flying N80852 at
Jefferson County Airport, Beaumont, Texas 1947
Log entry of several flights in N80852
Last log entry he flew N80852 was April 18, 1947
On this day, April 16, 1947 This is what I was doing ( 62 years ago! )
I was visiting Scottie, who was a student at Southwestern University at
Georgetown, Texas, near Austin. I was using a plane that belonged to the
flying school that I worked for. Early that morning, I heard about the explosion
in Texas City, and figured that I had better get the plane back to home base,
Beaumont, Texas. When I arrived, they had a Doctor waiting for me to take to
Galveston, and return to take others. So off I go to Galveston, and flew right
by all of the ruins and smoke of the explosion, just before they closed the skies
to aircraft in the vicinity. I took some pictures as I flew by. We flew under the
smoke cloud into Galveston. I let the Doctor out and returned the same
route back to Beaumont. Upon return, I refueled as another Doctor was ready
to go leave for Galveston, and then returned again to Beaumont. Upon landing,
I was told to go to Lake Charles, LA and pick up another Doctor and
take him to Galveston. I got back home to the Beaumont airport just at
dark and I was a tired little flyboy.
What a day for me and that little GC-1A!

Below are pictures I took as we flew by Texas City
Click image for larger image
The Texas City Explosion Website