Diamond Point 2007

Report by Gerry Hampton
Photos by Dot Shepherd


Diamond Point Swift Weekend
July 6-8, Sequim, WA., Diamond Point Airport (2WA1)

(Some photos you can click on for larger versions...)

Flight out of Independence Oregon consisted of Don Thompson, Tom Numelin, Scott and Sandy Naumann, and Jack & Lois Lindley. Don had gone to Aurora, Oregon to pick up a passenger, Katie Stanley, newly 16 year old daughter of George Stanley who has just purchased a Swift from the southern states. The Swift was in Aurora where George and Kyle Hook along with Charlie Hopkins flew together up to Diamond Point. Don Batholomew from Nevada, Wally Boeck from Rancho Murieta, California and Gerry Hampton joined up with the Independence group on Friday for the flight to Diamond Point. Thursday night early birds, Tom Numelin, Scott and Sandy, and Jack & Lois flew into Independence for a little pre party good time. The trip to Diamond Point was uneventful (that is a good thing) with the arrival finding some winds and turbulence. The winds increased throughout the day and the weather was very cool. The California contingent (where it is 110 degrees) ran to get into long pants and long sleeves. 

Friday nite bar b q was hamburgers and hotdogs, keg o beer and wine. Due to the wind there wasn’t any real flying going on but a good time was had by all. Saturday dawned foggy and cold. Where is the wind when you need it. The fog stuck around until about 1:00 PM when they were able to get a fly out going to Concrete, near Mt Baker where Mr Jack Mears ( a non Swift owner but admirer) hosted us with some superbly restored classic and antique aircraft in several large hangers. Saturday evening, we had the famous Diamond Point seafood bar b q including Halibut & Salmon provided by Swifter/Fishermen Darrell Fowler and John Johnson. The food was delicious and was followed by Rick Scott doing his thing ( to the delight of all – we missed him at Westover last year) in his copper red silk scarf pig tail wig raffling off great donated items and pulling door prize tickets

Rick Scott (left) drove in, 9 hours, because he couldn’t fly into the US without his passport which was taking a side trip to Russia. He will be delivering an airplane there and needed a visa to get into Russia so his passport is enjoying a cold vodka and round trip with out him –I’ll bet we hear more about this at Westover. dp07f.jpg (50956 bytes)

Guido Perla made a special presentation to Harley Howell (right) --apparently when they were at Sun N Fun the young man was escorted to Hooters, a camera was present- da dum, Harley was given a special T-shirt commemorating the evening with a series of candid shots forever emblazoned across his chest. 

dp07e.jpg (19232 bytes)Katie (left) celebrated her 16th Birthday, so Friday and Saturday nites she was serenaded by the entire group much to her delight . dp07d.jpg (21967 bytes)

During the raffle drawings Lois Lindley (right) won a donated T-6 ride (John Johns
on’s bird) and because they had to leave early the following day and could not make the ride, she donated the ride to Katie. Thank you for the wonderful gesture Lois. 

24 Swifts were present on the field Friday night with a grand total of 27 by Saturday evening. To the best of recollection the following Swifters were present: From California: Dick & Jeanie Collins, Jack & Lois Lindley, Wally Boeck, Bill Gass, Tom Numelin, Scott & Sandy Naumann, and Gerry Hampton, from Nevada: Don Bartholomew, from Canada: our three International visitors Rick Scott, and Bill & Eileen Findlay. Keith Lassen & girlfriend Sonja timed a driving tour from Florida to visit local family members and spend the weekend with us, from Oregon: George Stanley & his daughter Katie, Don & Annie Thompson, Kent Koester & Mora Dewey, from Washington: Charlie & Phyllis Hopkins, Kyle Hook & Beckie Bernard, Ozzie Nelson, Harley Howell (the 3rd), Guido & Karen Perla, Bill & Elizabeth Duncan, and of course our Diamond Point Swifters – Bill & Dot Shepherd, John & Susie Johnson, Terry McCartney, Tom & Stella Richardson, Gerry Mahoney and Jean Takahashi, Ernie & Penny Hansen, George & Pat Panker, Sam & Liz Klippert, Gary & Claudia Eklund, and Larry Reece. Lou Kuffel flew in for a quick visit on Sunday. I hope this covers everyone, if we missed you it was not intentional. 

dp07c.jpg (56228 bytes) Bill Gass (left) showed up dragging his Swift on a trailer so Gerry Mahoney could finish the 180 Lycoming installation so he can be closer to being airborne again – is it possible Bill will fly-in to Westover in 2008?

The accommodations were superb as always with homeowners on the field and in the neighborhood hosting all the out of towners. This is a truly great group of people. You know it doesn’t get dark up there until about 11:00 at nite so most of us didn’t turn in till late , it was hard to believe it was so late when it was still light out and the sun comes up about 4:45, nites are short up there. 

A huge THANK YOU to all the Diamond Point Swifters and the entire neighborhood. The hospitality could not be beat and these folks worked hard to make it so easy to be there. Thank you again.


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